Friday, November 12, 2010


...say the darndest things! I've been subbing all week and will be almost full time from now until Thanksgiving. While I am tired at night and just have not gotten to stamp much, there are moments in my day that make it all worthwhile. I have psoriasis (a big patch on each arm) and it really catches kids' attention. So I thought I would address it right up front for this class of Kindergartners and nip it in the bud. I explained that they couldn't catch it, that it looked and felt like snake skin (cool if you are a kid!) , and that it gets better with medicine but it will never really go away. One boy promptly said, "Well, what about when you are really old and your skin falls off?". Before I could say a word, another boy chimed in, "But when you are in heaven, you won't have it!". I smiled, and agreed that we'd all be blemish free in heaven...amen to that!! :)

I'm going to try really hard after to school tonight to get something stamped up for the latest blog hop over at The Angel Company! Everyone can participate and the exciting part is that there will be a prize for one demo and for one non demo! Yay!!

I also wanted to tell you that I am sponsoring the CASE study blog this week so head on over there and play for a chance to win! Have a super weekend and hope to see you back tomorrow for the blog hop!

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