Friday, October 30, 2009

Pressing Leaves

Do you have a long forgotten, dust covered "tool"? Over 8 years ago I bought a microwave flower press and did a lot of work with it...but then, I just shifted gears and stopped using it. Last week I mentioned that I thought the turkey head would look neat on top of a leaf - and while I was out running a day later, I saw the most beautiful red maple leaves. That started it all again and so on my walks, dog in tow and in the rain, I was in search of some tiny leaves too.

It felt good to use the press again and I am so excited about the results!

These "hinges" are from the free Level A hostess set that you can pick from The Angel Company when you have a workshop order. I thought they were perfect for this wood grain technique background. The Scor Pal makes for especially realistic looking panels.

This technique has been around for a few years but I hadn't used it in a while. The dark panel was starting with a "mustard" colored piece of cardstock and then I used White Brilliance ink and a dark brown dye ink. The light panel was cream cardstock and I used the white with a Haystack palette ink. I scored my lines first though!!

My mom loves more "natural" cards and I think this is one that she would enjoy sending out to her friends.

Switching gears...tomorrow is Halloween! I wanted a quick and easy "treat" to throw together and remembered making chocolate covered popcorn at Christmas time. I had a bag of white chocolate candy disks and added some food coloring to make it orange...

It may be too late for you to make this now but it really only takes about 15 minutes or so - I made it before my son left for school this morning (including the tags and photo!). And if you plan for it now by buying this super cute but limited edition, Bone Appetit stamp set, you'll be already for next year.

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

2 bags microwaved popcorn (popped)
1 bag chocolate candy disks (melted)
Mix together until popcorn is well coated and then spread over waxed paper covered cookies sheets to dry. Store in an airtight bag and try to make it last! tee hee...

Have a super weekend! I'll see you back on Monday - the kids are off for two days and I hope to have some fun with them!


Lori said...

Love, love, love your wood-grain background technique with the Scor-Pal! It's so realistic and perfect with the pressed leaves!

Debbie said...

I really like the "Give Thanks" card.
Hope you had a great Halloween!

Silli said...

wow, many tthanks for this tip. the bg is fab...Your card is beautiful Chris! Hugs and happy week! Silke

Annette said...

Wow Chris! I love your technique with the woodgrain, that is awesome! Your cards turned out really cute and I love the leaf for the turkey feathers! The recipe looks yummy too!

Barb said...

Fantastic backgrounds, Chris! I definitely need to try that :) And the leaves really are just beautiful... don't you love Fall?!