Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Delights

The Angel Company has announced some special stamp sets to help make your Christmas even MORE delightful! And, if you email me your order I can offer them to you at an unbelievable savings as my special thanks (I'm talking less than half price) - but you must have a minimum $30 order to take advantage of this special. That's the only "hitch"... but I think you'll be tickled and delighted! Note: You can ordered these at full retail price too, you just have to do it by the end of December and then they'll be gone for good!

I had also promised to show my "trick" for some great looking snow - see my last post for a sample. It's not really my trick at all but I discovered a tutorial from a blog I follow called, Stamping Between the Dishes and the Laundry which directed me to a blog called, Hog Wild About Stamping. I'm sure there are other places that show this too but she said to get styrofoam balls from the dollar store and rub them together, so that they flake apart. I couldn't find any balls (and $3 at Michael's was too much to pay for this experiment) so I went with the flat disks which I did find (two for $1). What a bargain! Warning: these are noisy when you scrap them together so do not sit next to your husband if he's trying to watch TV...and be careful to scrap over a container, it is MESSY! :)

To adhere this "snow" to my card, I just put down dots of glue and then sprinkled these chunky flakes on top. Good luck and have fun with it! Have a super weekend!


Ingen said...

Thanks for sharing this :D

Donna VW said...

This styrofoam "snow" is a great idea! I have even seen where people dye it different colors to used like flocking.

Silli said...

Great idea Chris, the stamps from TAc are sooo very cute! Hugs Silke

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Those new sets look stunning. And the Styrofoam snow rocks! I have just GOT to try that already.