Monday, December 28, 2009

So Long, Farewell...

TAC™ Promotions

Hostess Level Sets also retiring!!
TA3011 Hinges
TA3041 Cute as a Bug
TB2980 Flower Labels
TB3073 Purr-fect Friends
TC3010 Be of Good

Stamp Sets
T3032 A Kind of Gratitude
T3085 Floral Patches
T3084 Build-an-Owl
T3019 Fishy Friends
T3072 Happy Girl!
T3027 Flower Patch
T3049 Island Trees
T3031 Beautiful Day
T3033 Hotel Signs
R2045 Growing Love
T3036 Showers of Love
R2040 Special Delivery
T3051 Fairy Tales
T3071 Mice Day
T3069 Hoppy Day
T3055 Little Stinkers
T3068 Some Bunny
T3075 Feline Fabulous
T3048 Playful Parenthesis
T3016 Memo Fun
T3014 Creative Inspiration
T3030 The Renaissance
T3086 Today & Forever
T3057 Bird Cage

And don't forget that if you order in'll be entered into my $25 of FREE TAC stamps raffle. I have some exciting (squeak, squeak) news to share with you on the next post.

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Silli said...

Thanks for the info Chris!!! I hope, you have a wonderful day. Hugs!