Friday, June 25, 2010

School's Out!

Yesterday was the last day of school for my two kiddos. In fact, they went in for only 2 hours (why?!?) and then were released for the rest of the summer. They both headed to the pool to relax and enjoy friends while I went to the auto shop to get my car's AC fixed. Oh joy. And, the fun continues this afternoon when I finally have my molar pulled. Two months of pain and a failed root canal and now this is the end for my tooth. I'm scared to death - has anyone ever had a post put in and a crown? I'm thinking I won't go that way but if you have any feedback, PLEASE let me know.

On to important stuff, stamping!

I used a retired set from The Angel Company to make this teacher thank you card. I colored it quickly with markers and I really liked how the white spaces were left between some of the strokes and I left them alone rather than coloring the entire image solid.

I'll be sharing some peeks of the new catty soon! I have envelopes addressed, stacked and ready to be if Mr Brown would just bring my box of 100 catalogs!!

Enjoy your weekend! I hope all of the Angels at Seminar this weekend have a glorious time...wish I was there!! :)


Kellyismyangel said...

Great card! Great design!

Silli said...

WHAT A CUTE CARD; LOVE THE IMAGE AND THE COLORS! Great blog lo! Love it! Happy weekend...Thinking of you!

Peet said...

This card is so beautiful, Chris!!!