Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Fun!

A spooky-licious reminder that our Wicked Good Blog Hop is THIS Saturday!

All Blog Hops begin on our Savvy Projects Blog at 9am EST (8am CST) on the scheduled day of the Blog Hop. There will be a Linky Tool on the Savvy Blog that allows you to add your name and link to the Hop. You will also be asked to upload an image to place in your thumbnail. Please upload an image that reflects your card/project. You may add your link to the list until 11pm EST (10pm CST) on the scheduled day of the Blog Hop. After 11pm EST (10pm CST) the Blog Hop closes and additional links cannot be added. (Originally we had scheduled a Mr. Linky Link and have updated to a Linky Tool which includes a thumbnail image).

• Get your readers involved! We’d LOVE to see what your readers are doing with our products and we’d LOVE to have them play along!

• BLOG CANDY! Oh yeah! What’s a Blog Hop without Blog Candy?! One lucky customer and one lucky Angel will receive Blog Candy - handpicked by Mischelle. Recipients will be chosen randomly from those who are participating in our Blog Hop.

• After the Blog Hop join us for a chat HERE in our Paper Crafting Community! Mischelle will join the chat at 11pm EST (10pm CST).

• Don’t have a blog but would like to showcase your card? Upload it to our TAC™ Paper Crafting Community Gallery on the day of the Blog Hop! We will create an album for the Blog Hop and then put the cards into the album for you. Just label the card with this Blog Hop in the tag line. For example: “Wicked Good Blog Hop”. REMEMBER: Don’t upload your card/project to the gallery until the day of the Blog Hop! Also remember to put your tag line in “quotes” ... otherwise it will be broken up into individual words (blog, good, hop, wicked).

This summer I was craving some Pumpkin Cranberry muffins and I could not find canned pumpkin anywhere! So this fall, I am stocking up! Interestingly, I heard this week that pumpkin is actually better tasting the next I am ready! In the meantime I am cracking open two of these cans to make that same Pumpkin Cranberry bread in mini loaves for the church bazaar this Saturday. I have the recipe here if you click on the recipe link in the is DELISH!!

Be sure to come back Saturday to see my Blog Hop entry and I hope you'll have a chance to play along!


Silli said..., I come back...;-) Happy weekend...HUGS

Angela aka disneychick said...

I made the Pumkin Cranberry Muffins! YUMMY! Gave some to my neighbors...I am sure they will love them! Thank you for putting the part about baking for 30 minutes for muffins...I might have ended up with lumps of coal if you hadn't put that in your recipe! :D Talk to you soon!