Friday, October 1, 2010

Live...Fall Supplement

Wow...The Angel Company said the new Fall Supplement would go "live" on 1 October and the new stamps are already showing up here!

I'm loving some of the new stamps and here's one of my favorites!
Plus, have you seen this month's Limited Edition offerings? This time they are $3.95 to accomodate the bigger size - still a great value!

Which is your favorite new stamp(s)?
Tell me by midnight, Monday, 4 October for a chance to win this blog candy!


Frida said...

I like both. My favorite is on the right hand side.


Angela said...

Do I have to pick just one new stamp set that I like?? I love the new Cocoa and Mack, Lucy, Rolling By and many more! They are awesome!

Kim said...

Chris I like so many this time... It was hard to pick! But my first must haves would be Victorian Charm, Rise & Shine and of cource,Poinsettia & With his Glory... I can't wait to get these!!!

Lois said...

The one on right is my favorite but the one on the left would be great for school projects.

Cheryl said...

WOW!! This is really a great supplement! I really like the mice in Having a Ball, and I love the Reindeer in With his Glory; however, I think my favorite is My Little Tweetie.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The Fall Supplement totally reminded me why I LOVE TAC so much!!! My faves were Give Thanks and Marvelous but there were sooooooo many more that I adore!!!!

Julie said...

Maybe because my life seems to constantly be going in all sorts of different directions at once, I like the set on the left with all the arrows.

Thanks for posting about the new Fall supplement. Love the new set with the same cartoon look as some in the catalog. The little boy walking away holding the older gentleman's hand reminds me of my son and his grandfather when my son was littler. Love that style of artwork.

Susan said...

I like the Halloween one - but to be honest probably wouldn't use it....:-(