Monday, September 26, 2011

Open House!!

Today is my Open House...yay! I'm so excited to introduce everyone "officially" to A Muse Studio products. To celebrate this big event I'm having a Virtual Open House as well as a get together in my home. Hopefully you can join me either way!

To participate in the Virtual Open House - just click on the tab above...I have some fun little games, a preview of all my open house samples and other chances for you to win a fabulous prize.

If you are thinking about placing an order today, I have some fun incentives going on but you can also wait to place your order during World Card Making Day and A Muse Studio will treat you to a box of cool is that?!?

The first person who emails me an order or places an order on my website will get a Polka Dot assorted (one sheet of each color) paper package from me!

The second person who emails me with an order/places an order online will get 25 yards of the Cherry Baker's Twine.

The 3rd person to order will receive a Button Sampler (10 buttons each color) from me...

The fourth person to order will get the Adhesive Remover as my special gift (I'm getting one for myself too!)

The fifth person who emails me an order or places an order on my website will get a Spica Glitter Pen.

And, last but not least, the 10th person to place an order will get 5 sheets each of Twas the Night Before Christmas and Candy Cane cardstock...this stuff is AMAZING!!!

Update! The slide show has been updated as of 3 pm EST to include all my samples from today...sadly only 4 were showing this morning!


Angela K said...

Hope it is totally fantastic!!

Chelsea said...

Hope you have a great one!

Anonymous said... are off to such a great start. I am looking forward to my second shipment of goodies tomorrow (that poor defenseless UPS guy!) I have made a pile of cards and have been finishing off the things in my card bone pile (yes the things I get stared on and then set down). The Amuse has been a boost. Such fun and lots of support. I hope your virtual opener goes extremely well. I plan to keep my new Amuse Studio going as long as I can keep it as a perpetual "Friends and Family" plan. I am so glad we share this interest!!!!!