Friday, September 9, 2011


Stop rain, stop!!

Yesterday the rain poured down harder than I've ever seen backyard is half washed away because I know realize just how much of a slope I live on - I get it from the side neighbor and our back neighbor. My son and I bailed water for 3 hours straight to keep ahead of the flooding in the crawl space - it lapped into my stamping room (which is also my laundry room!) but I moved the papers and inks to higher grounds. As it poured in through the some major cracks in the walls, we scooped and dumped it out. It was backbreaking work and I can barely move today but I had one bright spot in it all (we worked by candles because the power went out too ... seriously?!). I have an inspiration board above my washing machine and it was in my direct sight as I worked. Each card reminded me of some one and I welcomed the distraction of looking again at each piece more carefully and thinking of them, of you...

  • Juliet's trading cards - she is the queen of ATCs (and now inchies), a good friend who always pushes me a little harder.

  • Sannie's cards - my very first customer from the Netherlands, sadly she's been sick and hasn't stamped in years...but she had a wonderful style.

  • Mischelle's cards - the owner of The Angel Company, such exquisite work and the words were equally wonderful inside!

  • Awna's card - my first buddy from The Angel Company, sadly she left years ago and we've lost touch

  • Dina Kowal's card - I bought it on etsy so I could see her work close up and personal, I've been following her blog for years.

  • Silke's card - such a wonderful friend from Germany, she's in such demand from Design Teams and yet she makes time to feature some stamps from me on her blog!

  • yikes, even some of my own work that I really liked.

And as I bailed out bucket after bucket, I thought of all of you and how far I've come in this stamping world and the new adventure that awaits. Hopefully the postman really can come through rain (and floods) and deliver my new kit today. It's going to be okay!!


Kim said...

So sorry to hear your having some flooding issues... Sounds like back breaking work too!!! Hope the rain ends soon...
It's good you were able to focous on some wonderful art from friends
Hugs :)

StampinCarol said...

My heart goes out to you! What a dilemma! Hope you get some sunny skies soon! Rain rain go away!

Rita said...

That rain can do so much damage when there is too much of it (been there, done that, don't want to do it again). So glad that your cards gave you such inspiration during your ordeal. Waiting to see your first Amuse creation!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I am so sorry for all you have been going through with the flooding Chris!! We really got dumped on with the rain as well. I thank God we did not have water in our basement but I know my parents had over 8 inches in it and were up for 2 nights trying to keep up with it. Thinking of you!!!!

Angela aka disneychick said...

Sorry to hear about the flooding in your crawl space and all the "shoveling" of rain you had to do! With that overabundance, I sure wish you could send some of that rain our way...Texas and Oklahoma REALLY need some rain! Hope that you don't have any major damage! Glad that you had an enjoyable "visit" to your inspiration board! Looking forward to the Hostess Club starting up for AMuse!

Jovita said...

Chris sorry to hear about all the rain and flooding in your home, hopefully things will dry-out for you soon (just in time to play with your new AMuse goodies).

Chelsea said...

Ugh ... Water in a craft room scares me! Hope the rain stops soon!

Kelly said...

Wow, 3 hours of back breaking labor and no power. I am glad that your son was there to help you. It was really bad that Thursday. So many roads were closed from flooding that evening. Can you believe that it took me 3 hours to drive 20 miles home from work! Yike! Finally, happy to see some sunshine today!

Sannie said...

Hi Chris,

I hope the rain will leave soon, and you can clean up the mess it made..... with water lol
My heart felt all warm when i read that you thought of me.
In the last year I have been thinking of you a lot as well, I have followed your blog, and it was sad to read that T.A.C. has stopped. But I want to wish you all the best with your new challenge. And I’m sure that you will make it a success with your drive and enthusiasm.
I feel a lot better now, have worked on myself for the last 2 years, and I feel mutch stronger, I’m not better and think that I never will be, but I can live with it, and more importantly, I can live and most of the time be happy with myself. So that’s a lot of progress for me ;-)
I started to pick up card making again and I’m trying to keep my blog updated.
From here in a rainy Holland I want to give you a big hug and lot’s of love.
Greetings Sannie

Silli said...

O Chris...poor baby.....but... after the rain...-----;-) I hope...!

Juliet A said...

Oh dear! My sister started bailing her basement, then decided that the pump on her fish tank could do the job better (and it did!)

I'm glad you were able to save everything!