Monday, October 31, 2011

Coffee, Java...

Cup of Joe...whatever you call it, giving a gift card for some coffee can make someone's day! Here's a quick and simple gift card holder we made at my last month's hostess's based on a card I saw in the a•muse studio gallery and I'm happy to send you the template.

I colored it in with Copics (the ground I just created with lots and lots of little dots) and added the strip of cardboard to simulate the little sleeve you can get for to-go cup. I think it makes it extra fun and authentic! I just stamped the image on the backside of a piece of peeled cardboard box and then hand cut the shape. So easy!

Hope you survived the Northeastern snow this weekend. We were lucky that it didn't stick nor did we lose electricity...we're back to sun today!


Angela K said...


Angela aka disneychick said...

So very cute! I can't wait to get my AMuse Goodies and Hostess Club Kits! I so want to make this one! I just LOVE coffee...sitting here drinking my first cup of the morning!