Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Special

So why should the guys have all the fun? Although I must say after watching my son play football for 4 years now (kiddie level - but look out high school next year!) I finally understand it a bit better. But only a little. I think my favorite part is the munchies - and I'm all stocked up! I heard that on average, folks eat 1200 more calories on Super Bowl Sunday...

But here's a little fun for you too. I've put a poll in my sidebar and I hope you'll play along! And, if you place a $30 order or more, today only (Sunday, 5 Feb) - then you may choose between either a package of Twinkle Hearts or Stars as my thank you!

You can email me your order, or shop online on my secure website!

Enjoy the game...and the food. :)

1 comment:

Silli said...

ohhh, such a sweet gift..Love all the bling! xoxo and happy sunday!