Thursday, June 12, 2008

American Idol...for Papercrafters!

I had never heard of this contest until a fellow TAC angel mentioned it! The Papercrafts Magazine is holding a contest for papercrafters that works like American Idol. Basically you post some cards and they get voted on until the final four...but check out the complete details and enteries at:

Our goal is to get some TAC samples out there and I hope you'll join us!

Be sure to come back and post a link to your card in the comments section if you do enter!


Juliet A said...

You did notice that there are already over 1300 entries? I'm not battling it out there.

Chris said...

Juliet, don't be so negative! There were hundreds of thousands of folks to try out for the real American Idol!! But...if you narrow the search down in the gallery, to PC Idol, then you see there are "only" 240 cards posted so far!! :)