Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blog Candy!

It's time to give away something for free as my thanks for just taking the time to stop by and seeing what I am up too. I always appreciate your input and so for a chance to win this new Sydney Circle Album Kit complete with the 5" Circle tin (kit fits inside perfectly, imagine that!) plus some Pewter Hardware for good measure...just leave me a comment about what you like the most and the least about the new catalog. If you didn't buy the catalog and just look online, leave me a comment on why you choose to do so...and what's your favorite "new" thing! (I'll be using the Random Generator to pick a winner so don't worry about having the "right" answer. tee hee...)

Prize has a $16.50 retail value before shipping and tax. Winner will be announced Monday, 21 July in honor of my husband's first day of work at his "new job". woo hoo!!


All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

Hi there Chris!

What I like most about the catalogue is all of the new papers. Beautiful color palettes.

What I like least...well, no real stamps to color in!

Congrats on your published card :)


Kathy said...


Like Most: beautiful patterned papers

Like Least: no new accessories


kbethel said...

Congrats on your cards being published.

Like Most: beautiful papers
Like Least: NO new accessories


Shana Mae said...

I like that I have met a new friend through these catalogues! Chris you are the best!!!!


Leigh said...

I love the spiritual nature of some of the stamps- it's great when the rest of the world is PC.
I least like the fact that the names of the colors are not listed on the tabs at the tops of the pages- not all colors have a stamp pad.
It is a beautiful ideabook though!

Anonymous said...

Most: New pattern paper
Least: no new accessories

Susie Ramirez

Jennifer C said...

What I like the MOST: The new "Friendship Strips" stamp set

What I like the LEAST: Not enough new stamp sets


Anonymous said...

Like: new papers
Dislike: no new accessories

One of my customers commented on the catalog layout being poorly designed as compared to SU. She pointed out that there's several samples yet the stamps used are on another page.

page 84, Thank you card
page 70, card with flower
page 58, dog card
page 58, the frog s/b page
page 50, the Peaceful card
page 46, the skunk s/b page
page 43, the Father's Day card
page 42, horse page saying
page 38, flower card
page 30, all three cards
page 26, celebrate card

I wish they would have samples using the set shown next to it in addition to having more samples.

Kelley said...

Okay, what I like most...
Umm.. new papers and palettes- new kits!

Least: No new ink or exclusive cardstock!

Congrats on the card in the catty!!

Melanie C. said...

Hi Chris!

What I liked most of the new catalogue was the cover and the fall/winter colors, and the step by step instructions for some of the projects. What I liked the least was no new accessories.

Melanie C.

Anonymous said...

What I like about the Catalog is the New Paper and New Embellishements!!!

I see there are a Few people that haven't found the Embellismenets in the catalog.

The stamps are getting alittle better.

Oh did I tell you I Love the embellishements?

Susan said...

What I love: New paper lines, continued afforable prices

What I don't: images aren't full sized anymore, too many swirlies

Juliet A said...

I don't have the catalog, for the following reasons:

I like going to your house to look at it.

It costs too much for such a short duration.

I don't use one for inspiration very much - there are plenty of great ideas online.

Kim Ross said...

Great blog, and congrats on being published! :)

I like the scrap-o-dex, although I'm not sure if it's new. I saw the catalog online because I don't have a demo.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Cat said...

hi Chris; this is my first visit to your blog - and you're having candy!

i don't buy the catalog, and have never bought the stamps. but i LOVE what i see online mostly because i love the way the catalog integrates ideas and samples on each page.

Cheryl said...

Hi Chris,

I don't know why I have had to add a comment twice (once before about a week ago!).

I love the new papers, and I love the samples in the new catalog.

I was kind of hoping they would have more tools and accessories.

Hope to stamp with you soon, Cheryl

Joani said...

I love how they have "mini tutorials" in the new catty. But I sure wish they had more new stamps.

Thanks for the blog candy!

Christi said...

Hi Chris,
I love the new papers in the catty and the new cover. The cover is such a change from past catty's. I haven't found anything I really dislike about the new catty. Still pleanty to get me into trouble with. Christi

Rebecca said...

Hi Chris!!! This is my fist thime commenting to a blog ever!! THe thing I like the most is the new array of paper. There are color schemes to taylor to anyone's fancy. I can honestly say, I haven't found anything I don't like. Congrats on the cards being placed in the catalog. I know you work hard and enjoy your craft.


Julie said...

Most: the Big Bite Cropodile - how can I justify it when I own athe first one???

Least: the limits on hostess benefits - I was spoiled last year!