Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Do you love ribbon? I do! I still have some old skeens of yarn left over from the fiber craze but the ribbon seems to have outlasted just being a "fade"...don't you think? I hope so!

My ribbon was falling out of boxes and dangling off of shelves. Since my "craft" room is the laundry/furnace room as well, there was just no space anywhere! I had just put out a big UTZ pretzel container from Costco and thought how it reminded me of those pretty ribbon jars (I do have one of those too with little spools of left over ribbon pieces...I never seem to grab it). So I filled it up with all of the ribbons I had bought...since I've taken this picture, I've added even more! I love it though. I can grab it and go anywhere I happen to be stamping in the house. I think the gals that come over to stamp with me love to dig around inside of it too!

this is about 14 inches tall!

I happen to buy my ribbon from Heidi, I'm not affiliated with her but I'm happy to say we've been friends for many years when we met early in the morning online on SCS. And, I was even a guest designer for her, once way back when...

Today I will be busy finalizing my cards for Friday's "I need a card right now!" class I am having. I had better get busy cutting because I'm expecting 10 fun ladies to stop by. I can't wait to share them with you (the cards, not the ladies!)...

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