Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

These two projects have no stamping BUT they do use things related to stamping! :) Plus, I wanted to share...

My daughter loves Harry Potter and Twilight and since she has a locker at school, I thought it would be fun to make her some magnets. I was inspired by an etsy store and also Tim Holtz's clear doodads that I saw on Beth's blog here. I wondered what I could do and then I remembered that I had some memory glass left over from one of my blog candys (I ordered these from TAC) and it worked perfectly. We also sell the tape but I happened to have some gold tape leftover from my stained glass window making days (that's over 16 years ago...that's a LONG time to hang on to something, eh?!?)

My 10 year old son is a football fanatic and we had seen some of these figures selling for over $17 in the store. I thought, "hey, I can make one!". So I searched the internet for some photos and saved them as a .jpg and then sent them to Costco to be printed as 5 x 7s. That ran about 39 cents each I think and I had some left over foam board so I glued them down and carefully cut (okay, hacked!) away with an exacto knife. To make them stand up, I just double sided taped a left over wood block from an SU stamp set that I had unmounted. Thrify, thrifty.

I should be cleaning house since my folks arrive tomorrow. Yikes! But, I really am looking forward to their visit. I hope your holiday preparations are going well!


Danielle said...

Love the Twilight magnets! Those are so awesome!

Cheryl said...

What great stocking stuffers and --definitely one-of-a-kind!! Both of your kids will be thrilled with their monther's talent!