Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm back!

It is with great embarrassment that I admit I was sucked into the Twilight series two Saturdays ago...thankfully I finished on Saturday; even though since then, I've read 264 pages online of Midnight Sun and re read some of my favorite scenes in Books 1 and 4. I hardly read these days and I really thought the premise of the book (ordinary girl falls in love with a dazzling vampire) was silly. But my 12 year old daughter has read the series twice and insisted I take it with me on my airplane trip...I was captivated almost immediately and since then, I raced through the pages of all four books, eager to see what would happen next! I didn't even sleep well at nights - it was that bad!!

I think I'm back to normal (tee hee) and it honestly did feel good to stamp again...so here's what I created yesterday and I hope you'll like it! I used the Catalynne paper pack (this month's give away prize from TAC - be sure to check out my sidebar for more info!) with our DCWV Pink #2 cardstock...and I used the stamps from Beautiful Day and Swirlies. Enjoy!

BLOG UPDATE SCHEDULE: I like to update every other day and hopefully will not disappear again for a week! Sorry about that. But it may be easier for you to either subscribe to my blog, sign up as a "follower", or use Google Reader (that's what I do to keep up with the 30 some blogs I follow!!) to get my blog updates so that you don't miss any great specials, but you also don't have to keep checking here to see what I am up to!


Silli said...

You are back Chris...;-) I am happy... Your card is so sweet. Love the springcolors and the little birdie... I wish you a wonderful day... Big stamping hugs...Silli

Ingen said...

Love your card Chris! I use bloglines to follow blogs. It works perfect :D

Jovita said...

LOL... I went through the same Twilight experience last month and have since read them all once again. I'm sure I'll be read them again soon ;) Twilight is very addicting. ;)

Great to see you back and wonderful card. Jovi

Dani said...

I am so happy you read the Twilight series! They are such a great series!

Love your card!!

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Hi Chris! Glad you stopped by and told me you were a fellow Edward/Twilight obsessed! Seriously, it took me over a week to get past the Edward Flutters!! I saw the movie right away and fell even more!! I am gonna read the books again -I am thinking I missed lots of stuff with my first reading. Team Edward -hugs to you, michelle

P.S. Lovely cards too :-)