Friday, April 16, 2010

Matchbook Kits...

I love the time saving kits from The Angel Company. These days I am always in a rush but want to stop for just a moment to "create" something...

Here is a great twist on the Pemberley Bay Matchbook kit. This is what you get:
and then by playing with the papers and cutting them in half, you can make this glorious quote book!

I'll be sharing more of the "how to" in my May newsletter but if you can't wait that long and order the Pemberley Bay Kit this month, I'll be sure to email you the directions!
These days my time is consumed by taxing my children from one practice to another, to a game, etc... Dinner pre planning is key and I don't always do it well but I remembered a favorite recipe from my Mom (who got it from some one at church) that I hadn't made in a long husband used to joke that if you had a baby or needed a meal brought, if I was bringing it, this is what you'd get! But it's easy and delicious!!

Beef Burgandy

3 Tbl canola oil
2 lbs lean beef cut in cubes (stew meat or round steak)
2 Tbl flour
1 tea salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 tea thyme
1 cup undiluted beef broth (2 cubes/1 cup water)
1 cup burgundy wine (or any red wine will do!)
1 3 oz can mushroom caps (I use fresh, cube them and throw in lots!)
1 small can of medium onions (again, I cube fresh and you can also use frozen)

Heat oil. Brown meat on all sides. When meat is brown, stir in flour, salt, pepper and thyme. Mix well with meat scrapings in bottom of pan and put meat in a quart casserole dish. Mix beef broth and wine and pour over meat. I actually heat it quick in the pan to get up all the scrapings. If you are using fresh mushrooms and onions, add at this time.

Bake covered casserole for 2 1/2 hours at 325 degrees. You can cool and refrig. at this point, then add mushrooms and onions, and reheat for 35 min. at serving time. Again, if you are using the canned veggies, just be sure to add them at the last 30 min. of cooking time.

If it's too thin, you can add flour to thicken.

I hope this meal will help you out on a busy night!!


Barb said...

I love that you cut it in half... what a FUN little book... hmmmmm... I feel a class coming on :)

Bridgett said...

I love the quote book. I have been meaning to make one of these for a long time. I'd love to see more!
Angel Hugs,

Silli said...

Hello Chris, love the papers , the book is fabulous... Have a wonderful weekend.