Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My talented and creative downline, Karen, tagged me! Be sure to visit her blog because I am always inspired by it!

So now in turn, I'd like to introduce you to some more blogs!

Awna...she's so inspiring. I met Awna via TAC and have always loved her work...and her zest for life. Despite her medical battles, she always is upbeat. You may have seen Awna's work published, yup, she's that good!

Risa. I wouldn't say I'm a stalker, but I do visit her blog and SCS gallery almost daily!! She is so creative and also very giving. Although we only spoke via emails for almost 2 years, I finally picked up the phone a couple of weeks ago and we had a great talk! Another great TAC friend! have to visit Susan's site. You never know what she is up to and I love her sassy attitude! I met Susan via SCS and am thrilled she joined my TAC team. She has a real flair for card making and I'm still waiting on the Christmas card she threatened (um, promised!) to send me!

Stacy. I don't know Stacy personally but she is active on Paperwings and has an incredible Etsy store...again, a super talented TAC lady!! If you want to get your creative juices flowing, be sure to visit her blog!

and Shannon. I've know Shannon for years...first met when she lived in Georgia, then she moved up close to me and we'd meet half way in the Michaels parking lot and then she moved to Texas. My biggest regret is that I never got to stamp with Shannon. Her creations are beyond beautiful...I mean you actually have to hold them to appreciate the work that goes into them. Shannon has been busy with her 3 kids over the summer but I know she'll be updating her blog soon. It's well worth the time to keep peeking in on her! Oh, and Shannon is on my team too! woo hoo!!


Sannie said...

Hi Chris,
I love your blog, and i'm glad with the link to the other lady's.
Now i can see what other TAC Lady's are doing with theur stamps.
Please continue your blog, i love to read it.
greetings Sannie from Holland.

Jenny Erichsen said...

Congrat on the award!! Long time since I've put in an order hope you didn't forget me!!hahaha