Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Back!

We had a lovely get away weekend trip to West Point, New York where my husband celebrated his 20th year reunion. The fall colors were beautiful...can you believe I forgot my camera? Almost as tragic as the time we were at the Grand Canyon and I found out afterwards that there was NO film in my camera. argh....

Some housekeeping type info...there is a new Bind It All machine in town! The Bind-It-All manufacturers have now remanufactured the tool to have a pink body style. The tool looks and works exactly the same, yet has a couple new features. The new design is able to punch through thicker material, and has an extension on the paper guide bar and plate. It is now a soft pink where it used to be a turquoise blue. To view a photo of the pink Bind-it-All go to the Products section of E-Commerce, click on Accessories, then click on Tools. From there, scroll down to the Bind-It-All.The packaging that the product will arrive in is also slightly different. The new color helps to distinguish the newer version of the Bind-It-All from older versions. The new Bind-It-All pricing will be $80.95. This price change will take place immediately.

And now to share some more cards from my recent card class...these are all using papers and stamps from TAC!

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