Friday, January 30, 2009

Showers of Love

It's funny because the set that I "least loved" from my preorder of Serendipity (aka Magalogue!) sets was Showers of Love...but now I have lots of ideas pouring in my head. (ha ha - I know, my kids think I'm lame too with my jokes!) Anyways, I pulled it out for this quick card and just submitted a card for one of TAC's monthly card contests (for demos only - sorry, but wish me luck!!)

I used the Mimi collection for this card...and some lime green scrapper's floss. I'm addicted to it lately!

Here's another little girl from the Everything's Blooming set plus I combined it with You Are, another "least favorite" set until I used it!! Does that ever happen to you?! Anyways, I combined it with the Cha Cha paper pack and dared to use a huge flower on top...I have a very hard time using flowers, even though I keep buying them and trying them. :)

UPDATE!! I only have 3 magalogues left but I just faxed in an order for 25 more copies. First come, first served but I want to warn you that I will be out of the net through Sunday as I'm flying out to Illinois for my cousin's wife memorial service.


Ingen said...

Wishing you the best with the memorial service.

"Jany" said...

Good luck with your contest entry! I think that I love more from the two cards, the everything is blooming with a saying stamp and the cha cha paper. Somehow I've gotten to love the cha cha paper too much.